Sunday, October 14, 2012

goodbye summer glories (part 2)

Cincinnati is a city with non-stop summer fireworks bonanzas.  I am grateful to be part of the excitements especially because I learned to shoot fireworks with my ancient Nikon D70!

First of all, you really should have a shutter remote (along with a tripod) when shooting fireworks because fireworks is spontaneous (for the viewers at least) and you don't know what you'll get until you see it.  Putting the camera on a timer is just simply crazy- and that's exactly how I did it.

Because my camera is old (8 years and counting) so buying a shutter remote is not a smart investment, especially knowing I will be upgrading my camera in the near future and it may not work on the new camera.  So it's my choice to live with the timer situation for now.

There's a minimum 2-second wait time for my timer so I needed to anticipate the fireworks and pressed the shutter beforehand.  This means taking fireworks was a hit-and-miss exercise for me.  I should be proud of what I got and not dwell on what I couldn't get.

I want to highlight the last photo here - it was taken at the Labor Day Riverfest, in the rain, with an umbrella, standing on top of the muddy Kentucky Newport levee, looking out to Cincinnati.  Not great work but it sure was a messy and interesting experience!

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